February Be Mine

February Be Mine

Happy February ! I am so excited for this month's post because this launch is by far one of the cutest and coziest. Fashion in these icy months is hard, we wanna dress cute but the cold is holding us back. Find your perfect mix of chic and warm with some of the newest pieces at Rose & Root down below.

First up we have "Addie's Top". This mauve rose colored pink top is just the cutest. This crop top delivers a silky material, and is cut right at the belly button. I loved the ruched detail in the front, giving this top such a romantic feel. I paired with some off-white pants and a belt with gold hard-wear. 
"The Mauve Set" is photographed above. Do yourself a favor and click the photo for a link to purchase (that's what I did lol). As soon as I tried this set on I could've lived the rest of February in it. The quality of this fabric provides a perfect layer to keep you warm in the low degree weather. The texture is so velvety soft like a cloud. Aside from lounge wear, I would absolutely wear this to run errands. Throw on a beige colored jacket for a super cute monochromatic moment. 
I am SO excited about the next two pieces. The "Vegan Leather Leggings" actually blew me away. I have been a die hard Spanx leggings girl for the past few years, but they may have just been replaced. I think a rare find in a faux or vegan leather legging is just enough stretch and fabric. These leggings are thick enough to give that luxurious feel, along with the perfect amount of stretch. I love that they sit just above the belly button, perfect to pair with crop tops. The length came right down to my ankle, ideal for when you want to be more casual with a sneaker. (For reference I am 5ft 3, wearing a size small).
I paired the leggings above and the jeans below with "The Snow Bunny Crop". Obsessed is an understatement. The material is more lightweight than a sweater but still enough fuzz to keep you warm! A ribbed texture throughout, this cream color goes with just about anything. My favorite part is the front cut out, giving this piece that edgy and fun flair.
Tell me you are ready for spring, without telling me you're ready for spring. Thanks to the groundhog we still have a ways to go, but can still get ready for it right?! The "Enchanted Top", is the cutest bubble sleeve top. A very neutral taupe color that would look great on any skin tone. I paired this top with some beige jeans and heeled loafers. Try it out with blue jeans and white sneaks for that all American vibe.
We can't forget that February is the month of love! Here comes "The Lover Sweater". The sweetest light weight sweater with bell sleeves. This fun sweater makes the outfit alone, but I paired it with some checked pants and a leather jacket to pull it all together. Wear this to your Galentines day brunch for a pop up color!

Moment of Mindfulness

As all the holiday festivities have come to a halt and we enter the new year, we can really start to ground ourselves. One of the things I'm sure hits all of our new year resolutions is our physical health. The cold weather fights against us but even if you can squeeze fifteen minutes of movement into your day, it can make all the difference. If I can't make my way to the gym or studio, instagram and youtube are my go-to. This leads me into this month's Small Business Shout-Out. 

Small Business Shout Out

This month's small business shout out is actually a personal friend of mine and one of my favorite people. Her name is Ashley and her line of work focuses on hands-on assisted stretching and mobility training, with a background of instructing yoga in NY. Check out her instagram for Movement Monday and the services she provides in person if you are in the Boston area! (Also a virtual option)

Follow her instagram @stretchwithash

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