About Rose & Root

My name is Liz, I am the owner of Rose & Root. I have worked in the fashion industry for almost 10 years. I have been a personal assistant to many different small businesses and worked at what I thought was my dream company, until I realized it wasn't. I have always loved the small business world & supporting other small businesses, and always wanted my own storefront! Being that it was 2020, a storefront was difficult so we became an online shop! 

As for how we got our name, I originally had a different name for an entire year until I was told I could no longer use it. So, after thinking of different ideas I landed on wanting to pay tribute to my grandma, Rose. If she was around when I started my shop she would be at every pop up shop, event and I’m sure she’d be assisting in the office. She was 93 years young when she passed, and the most wonderful person anyone was lucky enough to meet.

Her middle name was Beatrice. Her siblings would joke around and call her Beat Root, which is how we landed on the root! A friend of my suggested Rose& Root and I knew that was the perfect name right away!

Although she is not physically being my right hand gal throughout my small business journey, she’s always with me in my shops name.

I hope you enjoy Rose & Root! 

XX Liz