I received a damaged order, what do I do? 

Please email us at roseandroot@outlook.com and we will assist you in getting a refund and new item if you wish. 

What if I want to modify my order?

If you would like to modify your order, please email us at roseandroot@outlook.com. Once your order has been processed & shipped it cannot be modified. 

If an item is sold out, when will it become available again?

If an item is no longer available, unfortunately it can no longer be purchased. 

Can I change the size/color ordered after my order was placed?

Yes, as long as your order has not been processed and shipped you may change the color and/or size of the item you ordered. Please email roseandroot@outlook.com if this comes up and we will do our best to update your order. 



When will my item ship?

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your order to ship. If you place your order after 1:00 PM EST, your order will not be processed until the following business day. 

Where does my order ship from?

Your order is shipping from our home office, in New Jersey!

My tracking says my order was delivered, but I did not receive it. Where is my order?

Please email us at roseandroot@outlook.com, with your order number and tracking number. We will ensure you receive your items purchased. 

My item is shipping internationally, do I need to pay customs or taxes?

Yes, you will need to pay a customs fee and taxes on your item shipping internationally. 



How do I return an item from my order?

Please use the "RETURNS" tab on the bottom of your page and proceed to returning the specific item in your order. 

Do I use your packaging when returning my items?

Yes, there is an additional strip that you can use to reuse this packaging and send it back to us. 

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. 



How do I care for my product?

Please find this information at the bottom of our home page, under "Care Instructions".

What is California Prop 65?

Some products will expose you to substances listed on the California Prop 65 list. The chemicals on this list such as lead/dye or various other substances are known to California as a risk of causing cancer, birth defects and additional harm.